Thursday, August 7, 2008

April through July

Well I am happy to report that I have finally motivated myself to post once again! Mostly because that last picture of Marley is a distant memory...and she outgrew those pajamas like six months ago! And it was winter....those days are LOOOONG gone! So here we are now. I am not one for taking a lot of pictures so here is a little update of what's going on.
Marley has never taken a binky, totally bugg, but she manages to rip the binky's out of every babies mouth that enters the house and then decides to put it in her mouth. Naelani is mostly the victim of Marley's wrong doings.

This pretty much represents what we have been doing ALL SUMMER LONG! Marley loves to swim around the pool with her floaties on, she's a free bird in the pool. Every young child should grow up around the pool, like we did when we were kids. However, every young child should not be dropped off at Taylor Junior High to swim, unattended, all day every day, like we did! We loved it though!

You can see Marley Girl with her teefies!! She has like....9 now and two more coming in!

So Talan has had this fear of the water the whole summer up until recently. On top of that he has had a few near misses in the pool and we kept telling Maile she needed to get Talan a buoy suit and she refused. So my mom went and bought the kids these fun little floaty things. I think this day was the only day they wore them. I think they look so funny!

Marley has had a serious of ear infections since she was born that just never cleared up. After Kanoe took Tilley to get tubes I finally decided that was probably what we would do. So Marley got herself a nice new pair of tubes! I think it was in June sometime, for the record. The procedure was the quickest thing ever...pretty much by the time I left her with the Dr. and went to sit in the waiting room, check my phone, I look up and the Dr. is there to take me back to see her. Of course as I was walking down the hall to go into the room where she was I could hear her screaming from the hallway...that's my girl!! This picture is of her right before the procedure...she is as thrilled as can be! She is accompanied by GiGi, of course, she never leaves her side!

So Marley got stung by a bee, I don't even remember when...obviously sometime between April and now...anyways she was fine at first and then all of a sudden she broke out in huge hives all over her body. So naturally I called the Dr. office to get the dosing for benadryl and after I explained why I needed it they told me I had to go to the ER like NOW...or call 9-1-1, well I wasn't about to call 9-1-1 and I asked if I could just take her to urgent care but they said NO. So we took our butts down to the ER, waisted...I mean paid $125 for them to give Marley some Benadryl and a steroid and tell us to see our Primary Care for an epi pen. And of course after we had finally gotten in to see someone her hives were pretty much gone, and I was really tempted to just leave, but we stayed. Marley is officially allergic to bee's. As you can see by the picture in the ER...once again absolutely thrilled!



Amy S. said...

Yeah Julie! I'm glad you've actually decided to post some more! I wondered if you were still alive :-)
You've just been sitting there all lonely and neglected on my google reader.

McKinney's said...

Julie. I love the teething pic with the necklace. Just wondering if you could get a bigger necklace on a one year old?