Thursday, April 17, 2008

Utah Vacation

We went to Utah for spring break a few weeks ago and had a blast! We did a lot of fun things, but I managed to only take a few pictures, which is typical of me. We stayed with Auntie Mila and Uncle Bad and Lady. Marley didn't like Lady at first but then they quickly became friends and Marley would laugh every time lady would bite her hands, lol!

Lady is biting her fingers here and she just kept laughing.

Marley and Lady were fighting over one of Lady's toys, I think Lady eventually won when she knocked Marley over.

Marley girls with her Auntie Mila. They had lots of fun together!

The last day we were there it snowed!! When I woke up I was ticked, it reminded me of when we lived there and every morning in the winter I would run to the bedroom window to check to see if it had snowed, I hated the snow. So in anticipation of good weather, I didn't have a winter dress for Marley to wear to church, maybe that is why she got sick when we got home, sad.

Hoppy Easter!

Easter was a few weeks ago, but better late than never!! There were some bunny ears and carrot's on the counter on it is only fitting we put them together to make a little bunny rabbit!!


So our cousins, Keala, Keahi and Jodi, from Hawaii came to visit last month and they brought some Poi. So of course, I HAD to feed some to Marley. She HATED it, LOL LOL. I had a good laugh her expense! That third picture is kind of scary.

Been a While....

I have been lazy about posting the last little while. I wish it was because I have been SO busy, but nope, I have just been lazy. Anyways I don't know where to start, but I will start by posting a few updated pictures of Marley girls!

So this is her new smile that she started doing a few months ago, I have no idea where she came up with it, but here it is. You can see her six big teef's really well!

Marley LOVES her Tally Man, they are the best of friends, and he loves to give her kisses all the time. Talan says "Maaaa" when he sees her, it is sweet.

She loves swimming, which I am happy about because that is what we will be doing ALL SUMMER LONG!!