Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Uncle Bad

Happy Birthday Uncle Bad!! Marley looks really scary in this picture, but I don't have access to the others right now, owell. Anyhow, hope you are having a fabulous birthday and Marley says she misses you and loves you, can't wait to see you!! Lei Lei is here with me and I asked her what she wants to say to you for birthday and she says "I don't know, Happy Birthday....and...thank you for the wallet, the Little Mermaid One" Umm whatever she is talking about I dunno, sounds like she thinks it is her birthday, lol. Hope Malia has something real nice planned for you!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

What We Have Been Up To

Nothing much has been going on, but here a few pictures I have taken along the way.

Marley loves to feel her teeth with her tongue...she will just sit there with her tongue like that.

Marley now has 4 teeth!! Two on top and two on bottom...needless to say, we will be discontinuing breastfeeding soon.

The other morning while in the kitchen making breakfast I look over to find this, lol!! This is our Mother Hen at her finest! Okay so I lied, I wasn't making breakfast, I think I was eating the breakfast my mom made, I better correct myself before Maile does!

We went and sat in the spa last night, Marley loves it! Look at the rolls on her legs, lol! I love her and all her chubiness!

While attempting to feed her dinner, she kept turning her head around to stare at her dad at the kitchen table. She would totally turn herself all the way around to try to look at him.


Last Sunday we decided to try a new game, Quelf, instead of our usual Settlers...and it was seriously HILARIOUS! With the right crowd you will be peeing your pants within minutes! Just a little inside to how the game was...Maile: any time someone talked to her she had to salute them and say, "yes sir" or "yes ma'm"...Mele: any time a 4 was rolled she had to pretend she was filming a documentary of their turn...Ben: had to pretend he was on the toilet and had to flush it when someone failed their mission...Kanani: had to make up points and reward people at the end of their turn...Richard: couldn't bend his arms or legs unless it was his turn...J&Me: we just got to laugh at everybody! Then on top of that you had to do different silly things depending on what card you got.

At one point Maile had to choose someone to play leapfrog with her, and who better than Kanani!! LOL! I bet your 50yr old aunt wouldn't play leap frog with you!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to everybody!! I have been lazy and unmotivated lately when it comes to blogging...and other things too, I guess, but hopefully I can update more often. Hope everybody enjoyed this day of many treats and lots of LOVE!