Monday, August 11, 2008

Our Little Cupcake is One!

Marley is ONE!! Her Birthday was the day after Ben's graduation so we had a fun filled weekend. Brynn, a family friend had a cupcake cake for her daughters birthday and I thought it was the cutest thing so I decided that is what I wanted for Marley's cake. It was so much fun to put together and decorate!
Another close friend of mine, Traci, did these cupcakes for her daughters birthday and it looked so cute! I had also seen it in a magazine but just figured it looked like the type where when you actually attempted them, they didn't look anything like flowers! Traci told me they were really I thought I would give it a try. So here are her flower cupcakes!

The dinner spread was a "kid's dinner" theme. We had hot dogs & hamburgers, macaroni and cheese, and homemade pizza! It was delicious.

Happy Birthday Marley Girls!!

She didn't dig into the cake as much as I thought she would but she got herself a few helpings of frosting.


I found this cute ice cream cone pinata that I thought would be fun for the kids. It was fun to watch all of the kids take a whack at it.

We let the kids hit the pinata, youngest to oldest, so Parker was last and he was able to break it open after a few whacks!

Here are all the kitties enjoying their candy!

We got Marley a little chair with her name on it and she totally loved it! She sat right up into it and got all settled in.

A girl in my primary class, Mariah, loves Marley. At church she asked me if she could come over that night and bring Marley a present for her birthday. So that night she came over and had handmade this cute card for Marley and then gave Marley one of her stuffed animals, it was so cute! Marley loves her little rabbit too!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ben Graduates!!

Ben finally graduated! I can't believe he is almost done!! Ben graduated on Saturday, August 2nd. His mom, Marie, and brother, Zac came for the fun weekend....along with our gang. I looked all over the internet trying to find a little cap and gown for Marley but the smallest I found was for pre-school. I remembered in nursing school, my friend Lisa had asked around about obtaining an infant one, so I thought I would email her. She said she couldn't find one but she made one, so she mailed it to me and it fit Marley perfectly! I was so excited and it turned out so cute!! Every time someone would see Marley they would say, "oh my gosh look at HIM, HE is so cute"....I am telling you, I cannot leave that girl without a bow on her head for one minute!

4th Of July

So for the 4th of July Maile and I decided to take the kids to Utah for a summer vacation. So we drove up with the kids and stayed at Malia and Brad's house. The day before the 4th of July Ben and my parents came and suprised us, so it was a big party! Here are a few pictures.
The little kitties with their 4th of July outfits, they looked so cute all matching!

Marley at the parade, so much fun! I just love the 4th in Utah, they do so many fun things and everybody is totally festive...unlike here, you barely get a fireworks show!

Maile and Tally man...enjoing some candy at 8 am, of course!

April through July

Well I am happy to report that I have finally motivated myself to post once again! Mostly because that last picture of Marley is a distant memory...and she outgrew those pajamas like six months ago! And it was winter....those days are LOOOONG gone! So here we are now. I am not one for taking a lot of pictures so here is a little update of what's going on.
Marley has never taken a binky, totally bugg, but she manages to rip the binky's out of every babies mouth that enters the house and then decides to put it in her mouth. Naelani is mostly the victim of Marley's wrong doings.

This pretty much represents what we have been doing ALL SUMMER LONG! Marley loves to swim around the pool with her floaties on, she's a free bird in the pool. Every young child should grow up around the pool, like we did when we were kids. However, every young child should not be dropped off at Taylor Junior High to swim, unattended, all day every day, like we did! We loved it though!

You can see Marley Girl with her teefies!! She has like....9 now and two more coming in!

So Talan has had this fear of the water the whole summer up until recently. On top of that he has had a few near misses in the pool and we kept telling Maile she needed to get Talan a buoy suit and she refused. So my mom went and bought the kids these fun little floaty things. I think this day was the only day they wore them. I think they look so funny!

Marley has had a serious of ear infections since she was born that just never cleared up. After Kanoe took Tilley to get tubes I finally decided that was probably what we would do. So Marley got herself a nice new pair of tubes! I think it was in June sometime, for the record. The procedure was the quickest thing ever...pretty much by the time I left her with the Dr. and went to sit in the waiting room, check my phone, I look up and the Dr. is there to take me back to see her. Of course as I was walking down the hall to go into the room where she was I could hear her screaming from the hallway...that's my girl!! This picture is of her right before the procedure...she is as thrilled as can be! She is accompanied by GiGi, of course, she never leaves her side!

So Marley got stung by a bee, I don't even remember when...obviously sometime between April and now...anyways she was fine at first and then all of a sudden she broke out in huge hives all over her body. So naturally I called the Dr. office to get the dosing for benadryl and after I explained why I needed it they told me I had to go to the ER like NOW...or call 9-1-1, well I wasn't about to call 9-1-1 and I asked if I could just take her to urgent care but they said NO. So we took our butts down to the ER, waisted...I mean paid $125 for them to give Marley some Benadryl and a steroid and tell us to see our Primary Care for an epi pen. And of course after we had finally gotten in to see someone her hives were pretty much gone, and I was really tempted to just leave, but we stayed. Marley is officially allergic to bee's. As you can see by the picture in the ER...once again absolutely thrilled!


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Utah Vacation

We went to Utah for spring break a few weeks ago and had a blast! We did a lot of fun things, but I managed to only take a few pictures, which is typical of me. We stayed with Auntie Mila and Uncle Bad and Lady. Marley didn't like Lady at first but then they quickly became friends and Marley would laugh every time lady would bite her hands, lol!

Lady is biting her fingers here and she just kept laughing.

Marley and Lady were fighting over one of Lady's toys, I think Lady eventually won when she knocked Marley over.

Marley girls with her Auntie Mila. They had lots of fun together!

The last day we were there it snowed!! When I woke up I was ticked, it reminded me of when we lived there and every morning in the winter I would run to the bedroom window to check to see if it had snowed, I hated the snow. So in anticipation of good weather, I didn't have a winter dress for Marley to wear to church, maybe that is why she got sick when we got home, sad.

Hoppy Easter!

Easter was a few weeks ago, but better late than never!! There were some bunny ears and carrot's on the counter on it is only fitting we put them together to make a little bunny rabbit!!


So our cousins, Keala, Keahi and Jodi, from Hawaii came to visit last month and they brought some Poi. So of course, I HAD to feed some to Marley. She HATED it, LOL LOL. I had a good laugh her expense! That third picture is kind of scary.